Emanuele Nazzario "Litto" Damonte was born in Arenzano, near Genoa, Italy.  In 1907 he traveled from Italy to San Francisco to work on The Stanford Chapel as a journeyman marble contractor.  He was later commissioned the project of building the St. Peters and Paul Church in San Francisco.  He married and raised 10 children.

He was fed up with the big city and purchased the land now known as Litto's Hubcap Ranch in 1941 and in the mid 40's settled there. When he first arrived this whole area was rural and uninhabited.  He built his house and then his true creativity started to emerge.  He built birdhouses, cemented any and all items around the house, made pull tab chain links and used anything that appealed to him to decorate his property.  In the late 1950's he started collecting hubcaps.  This happened out of chance.  Back then there was a big curve on the road in front of the property.  The vintage automobiles used to go rather fast around this curve and lose their hubcaps flinging them right up to the fence of the property. Great Grandpa Litto would find them and hang them up on the fence so if the owner came back through they could retrieve and reattach. This started a craze where people visited and dropped off more hubcaps. Eventually every fence, building, tree and even outhouse was covered by hubcaps and other folk art.

Litto's passed away in 1985 at 93 years old.  The Hubcap Ranch was passed down to his son Emanuel "Midge" Damonte who two years later on April 4th, 1987 was able to have the state of California name Litto's Hubcap Ranch, California Historical Landmark no 939.  To this day Midge and his family enjoy spending time at the Hubcap Ranch.

Litto's Fascination of Hubcaps Makes This Place World Famous

Litto Damonte began collecting hubcaps in the 1950's, and reigned over his kingdom until 1985 at age 93. There were 3,000 hubcaps when he passed away. Visitors travel to come see this World Famous Ranch and continue to donate hubcaps to this day. Currently there is a collection of over 10,000 Hubcaps on this Ranch.

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