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Bringing The Hubcap Ranch Family Together

TheHubcapRanch.com supports a generational legacy of the family by providing a framework of organization, forum for communication, reunion planning, and place for friends of the family to share stories of time spent at the ranch.

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The Valley Fire was one of the most devastating and strangely powerful fires firefighters have ever seen. Lake County was right smack in the middle of it. We decided to go see what happened and what the future looked like. The community of Middletown was hit hard. They try to keep strong, but at times it is both mentally and physically challenging. This video was made to support them in creating an inspiring new perspective as a foundation for moving forward and rebuilding the community.

Litto's Fascination of Hubcaps Makes This Place World Famous

Litto Damonte began collecting hubcaps in the 1950's, and reigned over his kingdom until 1985 at age 93. There were 3,000 hubcaps when he passed away. Visitors travel to come see this World Famous Ranch and continue to donate hubcaps to this day. Currently there is a collection of over 10,000 Hubcaps on this Ranch.

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